Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark. -Section B

It is hard to believe that he used to have difficulties...

  1. It is hard to believe that he used to have difficulties in school. 很难相信他过去在学校有许多困难。(Page 30 2b

It is hard to believe + that 从句 意为"很难相信……"。此句型中it是形式主语,真正的主语是动词不定式结构to believe...,其中that引导的从句作believe的宾语。

►It is hard to believe that she’s only nine.很难相信她只有9岁。

2.advise sb. (not) to do sth.建议某人(不要)做某事    (Page 30  2b

►The boss advised him to leave as soon as possible. 老板建议他尽快离开。

【拓展】advise doing sth. 建议做某事

►He advised leaving early. 他建议早动身。

【典例】(2015 • 广东卷)We advise parents ________ their children at home alone in order to keep them away from danger.

  1. not leave B. not to leave                 C. leave                   D. to leave


  1. take pride in 为……感到自豪 (Page 30 2b

in为介词,其后可接名词、代词或动词-ing形式。相当于be proud of。

►The young mother took pride in her son.=The young mother was proud of her son.这位年轻的妈妈为她的儿子感到自豪。

【拓展】be proud to do sth.意为"为做某事感到骄傲/自豪"。

►He is proud to be a student of Tsinghua University. 他为成为清华大学的一名学生而感到自豪。

【典例】(2015 • 湖北孝感)Jenny’s uncle is a scientist. She is proud _______ him.

  1. from B. at                   C. in                         D. of


  1. all the time 一直;始终

►The letter is in my pocket all the time. 这封信一直在我的口袋里。

【辨析】all the time与always

词汇 用法 例句
all the time "一直;始终",不表示频率,多置于句末。 They’re running and jumping all the time.他们一直跑呀跳呀。
always 频度副词,"总是;永远",表示动作重复、状态持续。 I always go to school on foot.我总是步行去学校。


once upon a time 从前                       in time 及时

on time 准时                                   many times 多次

ahead of time 提前                           at that time 在那时

at the same time 同时                        from time to time=sometimes 有时

by the time 到……的时候                 for the first time 第一次

have a good time 玩得开心

  1. be nervous about 对……很紧张 about可以替换为of

►The horse may be nervous about/of cars. 这匹马可能害怕汽车。

►She is really nervous about the interview. 对这次面试她真的很紧张。

  1. seldom /’seldəm/ adv.不常;很少

seldom相当于hardly ever,反义词是often,通常置于行为动词之前,be动词、情态动词和助动词之后,是一个表示否定意义的副词。

►Mr. Brown seldom goes out. 布朗先生很少外出。

►I seldom watch TV these days. 这些天我几乎不看电视。

【拓展】频率副词是表示动作发生频率的副词,多与一般现在时连用。常见的频率副词按其频率发生的高低可排列为always (总是,一直)> usually(通常) > often (经常)> sometimes (有时)>seldom(很少) > never (从来没有,从来不)。 学科*网

【典例】—I hate vegetables. I ________ eat them.

—But they are good for your health! You should eat them every day.

  1. always B. seldom
  2. often D. usually


  1. influence /’ɪnfluəns/ v. &n. 影响


►My parents have influenced me a lot. 我的父母对我影响很大。


►Those friends have a bad influence on her. 那些朋友对她有负面影响。

【典例】The actions and words of celebrities(名人) can have a great ________ because many people may follow them. So they should pay more attention to their behavior and speech.

  1. change B. surprise
  2. progress D. influence



  1. absent /’æbsənt/ adj.缺席;不在

absent的名词形式为absence;反义词为present。常用结构为:be absent from... "缺席……"。

►Jim was absent from the meeting yesterday. 吉姆昨天开会缺席了。

【典例】Today he didn’t come to school again. He has been ________ from classes for a week.


【解析】本题用联系上下文法解题。由上句"今天他又没有来上学"可知"他已经不在学校上课一个星期了"。be absent from缺席;不在。

  1. fail /feɪl/ v. 不及格;失败;未能(做到)

►He failed his driving test. 他驾照考试不及格。

fail in sth.表示"在某方面失败",其反义短语是succeed in sth.。

►He failed in business. 他经商失败。

fail to do sth.表示"未做成某事"。

►He failed to climb up the tall tree. 他未能爬上那棵高树。

【典例】My parents are always worried about what will happen if I ________.

  1. succeeded B. won’t succeed
  2. will fail D. fail


  1. be proud of 为……骄傲;感到自豪

be proud of相当于take pride in,其中proud是形容词,意为"自豪的;骄傲的",而pride是名词,意为"自豪;骄傲"。

►I am proud of my son.=I take pride in my son. 我为我的儿子感到自豪。


Liu Xiang said goodbye to his loved hurdle, but we are ________ ________ him.

【答案】proud of

  1. in the last few years 在过去的几年里,在近几年里

in/during/over the last/past... years 常与现在完成时连用,是现在完成时的标志之一。

►My hometown has changed a lot in the last few years. 在过去的几年里我的家乡发生了很大变化。

►Over the past ten years, there have been great changes in the world.在近十年中,世界发生了巨大的变化。

►He has sold millions of records in the past two years. 在近两年中他卖掉了数百万张唱片。