Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes. Section B

Point 1. get in the way of挡……的路;妨碍  (Page 54   2b) 是固定短...

Point 1. get in the way of挡……的路;妨碍  Page 54   2b

是固定短语,也可说成be/stand in the way, 其后可接名词、代词或动词的-ing形式。

►Nothing can get in the way of our plans.没有什么能阻碍我们的计划。

【拓展】by the way意为"顺便说一下";in a way意为"在某种程度上";

on the/one’s way to...意为"在去……的路上";in this way意为"这样,以这种方式"。

►By the way, where is the nearest hospital? 顺便问一下,最近的医院在哪里?

►In this way, we can finish a lot quickly.这个方法,我们可以更快地完成。

►On my way to school, I met Wang Li.在我上学的路上,我遇到了王丽。

【典例】Sixteen-year-olds should _________ to drive.

  1. not be allowed                             B. be allowed
  2. not be allowed D. be allow


Point 2 We have nothing against running! 我们不反对跑步!(Page 54   2b

(1)have nothing against (doing) sth. 意为"不反对(做)某事"。

►I have nothing against singing loudly. 我不反对大声唱歌。


►All the people in the world are against war. 全世界人民都反对战争。

►They are all against the plan. 他们都反对这个计划。


►His bike is against the wall. 他的自行车靠着墙。

►Our school will play against their school in the basketball game. 我们学校将与他们学校进行篮球赛。

►The rain beat against the windows. 雨点击打着窗户。

【典例】One of the opinions ________ smoking is that it is harmful to people’s health.

  1. for B. against      C. at                     D. in


Point 3 happen 不及物动词,意为"发生"。(Page 54   2b

►Do you know what happened over there? 你知道那边发生了什么事吗?



►An accident happened in that street. 那条街上发生了一起事故。

(2)"Sth. + happened to sb."意为"某人出了某事(常指不好的事情)"。

►A car accident happened to her this morning. 今天上午她出了车祸。

(3)"Sb.+ happened to do sth."意为"某人碰巧做了某事"。

►I happened to meet a friend of mine in the street yesterday. 昨天我在街上碰巧遇到了我的一个朋友。

(4)"It happened + that从句"意为"碰巧……"。

►It happened that I had no money with me. 碰巧我身上没带钱。

Point 4 choice 选择;抉择 (Page 54   2b

►He is faced with a difficult choice. 他面临着艰难的抉择。


►We each have to make a choice.我们每个人都得做出选择。

【拓展】(1)choice常用于短语have no choice but to do sth.,意为"除了做某事以外,别无选择"或"只好做某事"。

►I have no choice but to accept the fact. 除了接受这个事实外,我别无选择。

►He has no choice but to go with them. 他没有办法,只好跟他们一起去。

(2)choice的动词形式为choose, choose to do sth.意为"选择做某事"。

►I choose to be your friend. 我选择做你的朋友。

【拓展】choose 动词,意为"选择"。

►Please choose one from the five. 请从这五个中挑选一个。


The little girl had ________________________ ask her mother for help.

【答案】no other choice but to

Point 5 Only then will I have a chance to achieve my dream.只有那样我才有机会实现自己的梦想。(Page 54   2b

本句是一个倒装句,正常语序是I will have a chance to achieve my dream only then.。当only位于句首,其后接副词、介词短语或状语从句时,句子或主句要用部分倒装结构,即把助动词、情态动词放在主语前。如果only后跟的是主语,则不用倒装。

►Only in this way can you learn English well. 只有这样,你才能学好英语。

►Only three people were hurt in the car accident. 只有3个人在车祸中受伤。

【典例】Only by studying hard __________ hope to improve her English soon.

  1. she can B. she did
  2. can she D. did she



Point 6 be strict with... 对……要求严格

►He loves his father very much though his father is strict with him.他很爱他的爸爸,虽然他爸爸对他要求严格。

【辨析】be strict with与be strict in

be strict with sb. 某人要求严格 Is your mother strict with you?你妈妈对你要求严格吗?
be strict in sth. 某事要求严格 He is always strict in his work.他对工作总是要求严格。



Our teacher ________ very ________ ________ us.

【答案】is, strict with

【解析】be strict with sb.对某人要求严格,是固定结构,主语为第三人称单数,故用is。

Point 7 support  v.  n. 支持

support作动词,意为"支持,资助,援助",常用结构:support sb.in (doing) sth.支持某人


►I’ll try my best to support you in the work. 我将在工作中全力支持你。

support作名词,常用结构:give support to sb. 给予某人支持。

►Her family and friends have given her lots of support. 她的家人和朋友给了她许多帮助。

Point 8 enter v. 进来;进去

►She entered the room and closed the door. 她进了房间,关上了门。

【易错点】enter相当于come/go into,所以其后一般不再加介词"into"。

►She found that she entered a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers. 她发现她进入了一个有各种各样花儿的美丽花园。

【典例】Jenny went into the classroom quietly.(改为同义句)

Jenny ________ the classroom quietly.


Point 9 be serious about 对……认真

►He was serious about the matter. 他对那件事很认真。

be serious about (doing) sth.意为"对(做)某事是认真的"。

►I was serious about thinking about the problem. 我认真地思考了这个问题。

【拓展】be crazy about... 热衷于……

►He is crazy about reading. 他热衷于看书。